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Converting mods from LS08 to LS09 - Camera issues

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Created10.07.2009 18:09

Honza Sebestu (Unknown) 10.07.2009 18:09
I shall open another thread, convert machines from LS08 to the LS09, after adjustment me will damage cameras in play LS2009 me walks camera to the arch no in x , y axis . In GE is Z axis 0. Here’s a link with machine to check

Christian Ammann - GIANTS Software 14.07.2009 10:11
You could delete the old LS08 camera and import a LS09 camera of a existing LS09 vehicle. This will fix your issue presumably.


Honza Sebestu (Unknown) 29.07.2009 16:30
wipe out I'm all cameras original plus import all from machines from LS09, but camera walks always to the radius

Honza Sebestu (Unknown) 30.07.2009 13:56
Outdoor camera doesn't go remove, despite as though on import all cameras new .How original outside camera remove?

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