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Created14.07.2009 14:24

Suomalainen Modaaja (Unknown) 14.07.2009 14:27

How I can get more grass or wheat in map?? Giants Editor?
I can delete grass in the map with giants editor, but how i can get that more?
Sorry from my bad english..

Christian Ammann - GIANTS Software 14.07.2009 16:02
Hi Suomalainen,

In this article you can see how to setup the foliage bits for grass in the GIANTS Editor:


Finland Mod Team (Unknown) 14.07.2009 21:49
Hi! (again, i am "MB_Trac", i forgot my password)

Thanks for this article:
But i donĀ“t understand, what i have to do with this information, can you tell me what i have to do next??? I want more grassfields in the game..

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