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How to build twin wheels

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Created22.07.2009 01:17

Laurits østergaard (Unknown) 22.07.2009 01:19
Hello, I have downloaded a tractor to LS09 and i wantet to make twin wheels on it, then i set I copy the wheels and put where i think they should be put, but they wont rotate. The frontwheels will turn, but wont rotate, THX alot for this nice program ;)
From Flaurits.

Heres the link:

Stefan Geiger - GIANTS Software 23.07.2009 09:12
You must make the twin wheels childs of the original wheels.

E.g. the left back wheel should be child of the Leftwheelback node.
Use ctrl+x and ctrl+v

Laurits østergaard (Unknown) 23.07.2009 12:17
What do u mean, that i shall take the wheel and make in its owne and then put in or what?

Michael Pillkahn (Unknown) 23.07.2009 13:07
you have something like this:
+ wheel_front_left
+ wheel_front_right
+ copy_wheel_front_left
+ copy_wheel_front_right

now you put the copy as child
+ wheel_front_left
+ + copy_wheel_front_left
+ wheel_front_right
+ + copy_wheel_front_right

Laurits østergaard (Unknown) 23.07.2009 14:08
Oh okay, THX;)

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