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Created24.07.2009 00:13

Laurits østergaard (Unknown) 24.07.2009 00:15
Hello, I play on a Laptop that dont have "Keypad_enter" and when i try change the button in Moddesc.xml to "key_." the Mod is broken, It wont anything.. :( What am i doing wrong.

B. Benjamin (Unknown) 24.07.2009 13:29

You don't have to hit the key to define it. It must be called by its "name".
For example, your " key_." ( I guess it's the . from the keypad ) should be " KEY_KP_period".

Best regards,

Laurits østergaard (Unknown) 24.07.2009 16:41
hehe okay ;) Great THX

Best regards

PS:Great jobb u guys are doing=)

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