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Created24.07.2009 11:18

Majolka Žolka (Unknown) 24.07.2009 11:19
Where can I change the start point of my map?

B. Benjamin (Unknown) 24.07.2009 13:34
The "map01.i3d" file contains a transformGroup named "careerStartPoint". Move it where you want to start the game. Save and close.

Best regards,

Majolka Žolka (Unknown) 24.07.2009 22:26
I was looking for it but dont find it. Is possible that i deleted it?

Laurits østergaard (Unknown) 24.07.2009 22:59
If you have deleted it you can't use the map anymore.

Majolka Žolka (Unknown) 25.07.2009 14:48
But I can. So its not deleted? But I really cant find it!

B. Benjamin (Unknown) 27.07.2009 13:35

I don't remember if this point has a special attribute or not. So try both :
- create a new transformGroup, rename it as " careerStartPoint".
- Export this "careerStartPoint" from an other map, then import it on your map.

Hope it'll work.
Best regards,

Majolka Žolka (Unknown) 27.07.2009 14:50

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