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Created27.07.2009 02:16

Tobias Fricke (Unknown) 27.07.2009 02:18

i tried to use the "loadFromAttributesAndNodes(xmlFile, key, resetVehicles)" function.

I looked at the trailer speci how to do this, but in my mod this function isnt called :\

function PackableObject:loadFromAttributesAndNodes(xmlFile, key, resetVehicles)
return BaseMission.VEHICLE_LOAD_OK;

there is no "load" in my log file :D
Is there somthing i had to do that my mod loads somthing ?

The Saving function is called without any problems, so i can save attributes.

Stefan Geiger - GIANTS Software 27.07.2009 09:10
Are you trying to load a savegame that has a PackableObject? It is only called when being loaded from the savegame, and not when you buy it.

Your function is ok, there is something else thats wrong.

Tobias Fricke (Unknown) 27.07.2009 12:03
hm, the vehicle is in my savegame, so the function must be called.

In my log had to be the "load" but it is not there :(

I will try to fix it again :\

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