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Global variable for F1 key (show help)

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Created31.07.2009 16:11

Felix Sorge (Unknown) 31.07.2009 16:11

im searching the value for F1 (hud on/off)
like g_settingsHudEnable?

ty :D

Stefan Geiger - GIANTS Software 31.07.2009 23:07
The value is stored in

Felix Sorge (Unknown) 01.08.2009 19:26
ty, and in wich table is the text from the upper left?

Stefan Geiger - GIANTS Software 02.08.2009 17:55
There are two tables one for button mappings, and one for custom text.

The custom texts are stored as strings in g_currentMission.extraPrintTexts.

The button mappings are stored as tables { text=text, button=button } in g_currentMission.helpButtonTexts

eg. table.insert(g_currentMission.helpButtonTexts, {text="Toggle lights", button=InputBinding.TOGGLE_LIGHTS})

Felix Sorge (Unknown) 02.08.2009 21:24
ok, but i have an another problem, if the hud is empty, how can i check this?

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