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Change the Wheat-Dealer Name

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Created12.08.2009 11:22

Stefan S. (Unknown) 12.08.2009 11:23
Hi, i want to change the name "Hafen" into "Agravis". What should i do?

Stefan S. (Unknown) 15.08.2009 15:10
no idea?

B. Benjamin (Unknown) 15.08.2009 22:50

I think these names are located in the original script ( DataS.gar file ).
So, you can't modify them.

Please someone correct me if I'm wrong.

Best regards,
Bayn (glenn52) 21.08.2009 09:09
Simply change the sign?? - data\maps\models\object\sign\

Michael S. (Unknown) 12.09.2009 23:28
You need to open your map01.i3D with the Giants Editor. Open Windows->User Attributes. Select the trigger, that´s name you want to change. Take a look at the trigger´s User Attributes and change the Attribute "stationName" Hafen into Agravis.

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