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Pickup touches not ground

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Created02.09.2009 11:27

Thorsten Mueller (Unknown) 02.09.2009 11:30

i have modified the PU300 for the Class 890 to pick up grass. If the pickup touches the ground of the map, i can drive the maschine. How can i change the script, that the pickup lifts and lowers automatically to touches the ground of the map.


B. Benjamin (Unknown) 05.09.2009 18:42

Have a look at the Face's Khun mower. It works exactly as you described it. ;)
Maybe you could use this part of the script to adapt it on your mod...


Thorsten Mueller (Unknown) 07.09.2009 05:33
Hi Bayn,

thanks for your information. I will try to modify the script part of the Kuhn mover to correct the position of my pick up. Now i have used the handle function of the vehicle to lift/lower the pickup with a timeout. It works but not so nice.


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