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More material on a windrow

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Created12.09.2009 13:49

Michael Hellmuth (Unknown) 12.09.2009 13:54
Hi There

is it possible to get more Material on a Windrow?

Because if you are making Straw or Hay Windrows, you loose Material in Compare with baling without windrowing. So normal the windrower should add the quantity of material of his complete working-width to the windrow it makes.

So is there an attribute, where the quantity can be saved? because somewhere needs to be something, that the baler knows, how much material comes inside.



German Translation:

Ist es Möglich, mehr Material auf einem Schwad zu bekommen?

Wenn man Stroh oder Heuschwaden macht, verliert man Material, verglichen mit dem Pressen ohne Schwaden. Der Schwader sollte normalerweise die Menge des Materiales auf seiner ganzen Arbeitsbreite dem Schwad hinzufügen.

Gibt es irgendwo eine Eigenschaft, in der Gespeichert ist, wieviel Material auf einem Bestimmten Stück Schwad liegt? Irgenwoher muss ja auch die Presse wissen, viel Material sie gerade aufnimmt

Stefan Geiger - GIANTS Software 16.09.2009 08:44
The material is accumulated as is should be. However, since there are only 4 possible values at each place, there are some rounding errors.

The ratio between a straw and a windrow value is 4. This means, value 1 as a windrow is 4 time worth the value 1 of straw. This ratio is stored in the value g_currentMission.windrowCutLongRatio. You can change this value if you want to have windrows to be worth more.

This is done in the vehicle specialization scripts.

Eg the baler script looks like this:
local area = Utils.updateFruitWindrowArea(fruitType, x, z, x1, z1, x2, z2, 0)*g_currentMission.windrowCutLongRatio;
area = area + Utils.updateFruitCutLongArea(fruitType, x, z, x1, z1, x2, z2, 0);

The area is the sum of the windrow and the straw area at the current place. The windrow area is multiplied by the ratio.

Michael Hellmuth (Unknown) 21.09.2009 00:47
Hi Stefan,

so if i understand right it is stored nothing in the game itself, it is everythin calculated by specialization scripts on runtime.

so i can only say the Windrower to make windrows, but not how many fruit is on it. Because if i come with the baler, the baler is only seeing its an windrow and use the wCLRatio to calculate how much more material it should use.

so different widt´s of windrowers can not be used to make different heavy of the swath´s. They can only used to make windrows with the same ratio to normal straw ont he fileds, right?



Stefan Geiger - GIANTS Software 22.09.2009 09:57
The width of the windrow of course matters. At each location on thef field there is a windrow value between 0 and 3 as well as a cut long value between 0 and 3.
Having a windrow value of 1 is the same as having a cut long value of 4, or maybe having put two cut long values of 2 (2+2 = 4) on a single windrow value.

The problem is, if you have 6 cut long values of 3 (6*3 = 18) which you want to put on a single windrow value, than you have the problem, that you want to place the windrow value 4.5 to that location, which is truncated to 3. Thats why you lose material.

To avoid this, the windrow area should be big enough (at least 1/4 of the cut area). Mainly the width matters, not the length. It's ok if the lengths are equal.

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