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Created25.09.2009 02:23

Graeme Pringle (Unknown) 25.09.2009 02:25
can someone help, i am new to this game and have no idea were to get mods from, is there a web site or what? thanx

Matthias B. (Unknown) 25.09.2009 10:05
look at google: landwirtschafts simulator 2009 mods

B. Benjamin (Unknown) 05.11.2009 15:07
Random question... Is it a bad idea to imagine/create an official website to upload all the mods from each communities ? This would be easier to see all the new mods without missing one if we're not registered on all community boards.

I don't know... It's just an idea.

Alex Engel (Unknown) 06.11.2009 21:02
In general a good Idea, but unfortunately not feasible because of fierce rivalry between the different communities. I don't know exactly why that is, hence we are all having the same hobby. But on most boards you get warned/banned for mentioning other Communities. Sad but true

Best Regards


B. Benjamin (Unknown) 09.11.2009 23:16
Exactly... And that's the thing I hate about LS.
Everyone want to have the best board or the best mod. Don't even think about sharing something between them...


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