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Created14.11.2009 20:36

Heady Planet-ls (Headshot XXL) 14.11.2009 20:40

i look for the "silo plane" variable of the tiptriggers. in LS08 is that 'self.movingId'.
with 'if g_currentMission.tipTriggers[i].movingId ~= nil' i get lua error: attempt to index field '?' (a nil value).

Pierre S (Unknown) 16.11.2009 14:48

The function updating for your silo plane up or down in real time is in basemission.lua !!
In the triggers you declare if self.movingId > 1 or ~= nil then the value is update in x,y or z by quantity. You declare movingId and value X,Y or Z for movemax ,movemin and your trigger file in file map.i3d with blocnote. It's not easy for understand.

I hope help you for understand.

Best regards


Heady Planet-ls (Headshot XXL) 16.11.2009 21:01
My mistake was i=0, the table begins at i=1.

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