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Foliage removal makes the game crash

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Created17.12.2009 03:24

Daniel Kohout (Unknown) 17.12.2009 03:29
i was editing the original map a bit and when I delete foliage, the game crashes when loading the map.

Just to be sure you have anything you need, I'm adding last lines (that might actually tell something) of the log.txt:

Lua: Unknown entity id: 75 method name: delete
dataS/scripts/main.lua@363 (delete)
dataS/scripts/events.lua@31 (doExit)
dataS/scripts/gui/base_gui.lua@128 (onClick)
dataS/scripts/gui/base_gui.lua@34 (mouseEvent)
dataS/scripts/gui/menu.lua@282 (mouseEvent)
dataS/scripts/main.lua@279 (mouseEvent)

Thanks for your time

Christian Ammann - GIANTS Software 17.12.2009 23:09
Hi Daniel,

Some foliage layers are needed by the game. You better leave then in the i3d.


Daniel Kohout (Unknown) 20.12.2009 11:16
OK, thank you

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