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How add fog to map?

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Created27.03.2010 09:14

Wojciech Bota (Unknown) 27.03.2010 09:15
How to add fog to the map, one that appears in the mission "Rocks"?
Perhaps the rain can or fog?

Sorry of my bad english.

Stefan Geiger - GIANTS Software 29.03.2010 12:36
You can add a mission event listener and call the setFog function within the update function.

The parameters in the Rocks mission are these:
setFog("exp", 0.03, 1, 166/255, 171/255, 172/255);

0.03 is the density, and the last 3 parameters is the color of the fog.
The 3rd parameter is not used with "exp" type.

Norbert H (Unknown) 09.04.2010 22:22
Hi Stefan!
This is where you need to copy the code "setFog (" exp ", 0:03, 1, 166/255, 171/255, 172/255);"
or how to call a function? Sorry about the bad English

Thomas H. (Patar) 11.04.2010 15:53
you should be able to script something before you ask those things here

Brian Pedersen (Unknown) 24.04.2010 19:52
i´ve made a lua file that gets fog into the game in carrer mode, but i cant get the fog to disappear, do you have any suggestions?

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