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DDS texture format and compression

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Created18.04.2010 18:37

Guillaume Chevalier (Unknown) 18.04.2010 18:48

I experienced problems with dds files.
Some compression methods, but without compression, files are really huge.
What's the best compression format to use on dds?
What's the format and the compression on method farming simulator 2009?

Thanks for your answers

Stefan Geiger - GIANTS Software 21.04.2010 08:05
Farming Simulator supports the DXT1 and DXT3 compressed formats.

For textures without any transparent parts, you should use DXT1. This works quite well for all type of textures and I really encourage to use DXT1.

If you have transparent parts you can try DXT3. Sometimes DXT3 does not give the expected results (e.g. semi-transparent textures such as windows). If this is the case, you should go with png.

Using uncompress DDS files is not the preferred method (unless you want to build custom mipmaps). We always used DDS with DXT1 or DXT3 and png's if DXT1 or DXT3 does not work.

You should also make sure that you have the "Build Mipmaps" option enabled when generating the DDS files, this highly improves the visual quality if viewed from a distance.

Guillaume Chevalier (Unknown) 21.04.2010 14:05
DXT1 seems to be a very good compromise (1:2 compression ratio vs png without indexed colors)without transparency (using gimp and dds plugin)

Thank you for your explicit answer !

Piotr Frankowski (Piotr_777) 10.02.2021 11:40
When to use dds DXT5?

Piotr Frankowski (Piotr_777) 10.02.2021 11:40
When to use dds DXT5?

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