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Created24.04.2010 16:28

Brian Pedersen (Unknown) 24.04.2010 16:31

Is it possible to add a extra savegame stats?
I would like to add the following:

1) How much money i have spent on machines
2) how much i have got from selling corn and selling machines
3) how many bales i have pressed

Thanks in advance

Björn M. (KillaBot) 08.05.2010 15:45

This is something i would like to know, too.
As i have written a little mod for having "Savegame Names" (usefull if you play on more than one map).
My first attempt was to use the savegamedate for this information.
Well, it worked. But my savegames.xml looked really strange after saving a game.

My actual version uses an extra file inside the savegame folder. everything works fine,
just if you start the game and go to the savegame menu i cant see the name, because i dont know how to add it there (tried several things, but didnt work).
If you load a game, then exit to mainmenu amd from there again to the savegamemenü it shows up as a savegamedate replacement (dont like it, but was the easiest way to do).

Any help would be great.

Thx in advance

Friedrich L. (Unknown) 08.05.2010 16:22
It's possible!
You can read various values.
"r" read mode (the default);
"w" write mode;
"a" append mode;
"r+" update mode, all previous data is preserved;
"w+" update mode, all previous data is erased;
"a+" append update mode, previous data is preserved, writing is only allowed at the end of
Read Mode:
file:loadXMLFile(fileXMLId, g_modsDirectory"mod/mod.xml");
if, "r") == nil then CreateCutter = true

with strings.format LS can write the values to different coordinates or in the helpbox.


Björn M. (KillaBot) 08.05.2010 20:07
Yeah, thanks.
that works for showing data while on a map.
But is there also a possibility to show extra data
in the savegame selection screen?
or maybe just a way to replace the savedate value with
other text?

Thanks in advance

Friedrich L. (Unknown) 27.05.2010 18:19
I do not understand the question.

<savegame1 valid="true" ... saveDate="14.05.2010" .. />

g_currentMission.environment.saveDate = YourDate (Edit)
Text = g_currentMission.environment.saveDate (Text is last save date)

g_currentMission:addHelpButtonText(g_i18n:getText(Text)); (print in help box)


Björn M. (KillaBot) 06.06.2010 11:31
Hi, sorry for answering so late. was busy with paving 200sqm @ my uncles farm.

Showing the needed info in the help box would be very easy. but i dont need it there.
thats the problem. i need it in the screen where you select your savegame (1 to 6) (the screen after clicking on "Career").

It should help to know which savegame is from which map.


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