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Created07.05.2010 21:10

Jim Panousis (Jimi540) 07.05.2010 21:15
I finished my new mod. Its my second one and i'm very happy for this. I want to give it to all, but i cant. It has a problem with its skin. I made it with Maya 2008 too but when i put it in the game, the skin changes with a very strange way. When i'm making zoom in to it, all fixes but when i'm making zoom out from a point and after the skin changes to something different. It looks like the uv's change coordinates. In Maya i have not such problem. I use a .png texture 1800x1800. I have the problem only when i play with it in game and to the editor too. An opinion please?

Best Regards,

Christian Ammann - GIANTS Software 08.05.2010 11:55

Friedrich L. (Unknown) 08.05.2010 16:25
I haven't understood the question unmitigated.
Do you have the UVs also made large enough?

Jim Panousis (Jimi540) 08.05.2010 22:02
What do you mean saying large enough UVs ?
I mapped my model each face at a time from the .png in Maya with persp camera and UV Texture editor. Sorry i'm a little noob to these things, but i haven't such problem to my first mod.
For example when i zoom out, always in game, not inside Maya(inside Maya are all ok), i'm seeing the faces of the mod changes ang goes to a different point of the texture. Like the UVs change positions from these i mapped in Maya, with the result of a wrong mod skin in game. This happens only when i zoom out. When i zoom in the problem expires and the skin goes to the normal skin i mapped in Maya, like it should be.
Hope you understood :(

Thanks for the interest

Friedrich L. (Unknown) 09.05.2010 10:01
If the UV Face is |_|, the quality is better as the UF Face is ||.
Understood ?

Jim Panousis (Jimi540) 09.05.2010 19:00
Yes, i understand this. Can you give me some contact information to sent you my mod to see if you can fix it? I tried many things but nothing :(
Your msn perhaps?
Thanks again,

Friedrich L. (Unknown) 10.05.2010 16:21
You conact me there!

Jim Panousis (Jimi540) 13.05.2010 14:25
ok, thanks for the info. thanks to Christian too. i know the restrictions for the textures sizes. As i said i used 1800x1800 png format. now i resized the texture file to 1024x1024 and the problem solved. Nevertheless i dont know why with this move the problem has gone, because the limit for the textures sizes is 2048x2048. Am i wrong? Thanks again for the interest.

Still learning,

Tobias F (JD6930) 14.05.2010 15:08
no, but the textur should have 2^n*2^n


2^10*2^10 = 1024*1024
2^9*2^11 = 512*2048


Jim Panousis (Jimi540) 14.05.2010 15:26
Thanks Tobias! thats a crusial detail that i didnt knew. So, i was a bit lucky to resize to 1024 and not for i.e to 1200 getting still an error skin on my model. Now i can focus more at scripting. ;)
Thanks again.

Richard Van De Ruit (Unknown) 23.02.2011 06:14
When i edit my map with giants editor the new version I cant save the file. I have checked the security settings and I am allowed to make the changes but when you open up the file none of the changes i made have taken effect.
Anyone know the solution for this. I have bought the full SDK version but the free older version i could still save my modifications but now I can' please

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