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Created02.06.2010 02:43

Justin Smith (Unknown) 02.06.2010 02:45
Ok, I'm trying to mod a map and I use to be able to use the Terrain Detail Texture Paint Mode ok but now its not wanting to working correct, its wont paint the grounds like it use too. What little it does paint is really small parts and it takes awhile clicking before it shows up. Can someone explain how this is suppose to work and the correct settings to use this tool. I understood something about layers, can I add a new layer to paint my terrain? Thanks Any Help Would Be Welcomed

Oláh Ferdinánd (Unknown) 05.06.2010 13:34
If the circle is too small then type another number in the 'radius' box.
You can use only 4 of the terrain textures in every single square.

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