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Motorignition for original- vehicles?

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Created01.08.2010 00:30

Torsten Pfau (Unknown) 01.08.2010 00:44
Hello everyone,
can you tell me please how to add the motorignition- function to the original- vehicles?
I had tried it like this: i have put the motorIgnition.lua in this folder C:\Program Files\Landwirtschafts-Simulator 2009 Gold\dataS\scripts\vehicles\specializations. Pathtractor- mod is installed. Than i have add this line <specialization name="motorIgnition" /> in the vehicleTypes.xml to tractor, frontlader, combine and selfPropelledSprayer but when i start the game all the machines are lost.
Thanxs for help! :-)

Torsten Pfau (Unknown) 04.08.2010 02:15
Hello again, the answer was telling me in the support forum:
Do it like in the first post and change the Combine.luc from pathtractor- mod in this way:
--insert to use Scripts with Standard Vehicles
SpecializationUtil.registerSpecialization("pathTractor", "PathTractor", "dataS/scripts/vehicles/specializations/PathTractor.luc")
SpecializationUtil.registerSpecialization("autoTrailer", "AutoTrailer", "dataS/scripts/vehicles/specializations/PathTractor.luc")
SpecializationUtil.registerSpecialization("autoCombine", "AutoCombine", "dataS/scripts/vehicles/specializations/PathTractor.luc")
SpecializationUtil.registerSpecialization("motorIgnition", "motorIgnition", "dataS/scripts/vehicles/specializations/motorIgnition.lua")
The text in the l10n_de.xml like this:
<!--other Globals -->
<text name="Trackend" text="Aufzeichnung Ende" />
<text name="Trackpath" text="Aufzeichnung starten" />
<text name="AIcourse" text="AI Kurs loeschen" />
<text name="Start" text="Starten Sie den Motor" />
Special thanxs to Interceptor and der Schreiner and surely the author Templaer! Great feature. :-)

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