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Missing wheel collision

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Created01.07.2009 19:31

Tobias Fricke (Unknown) 01.07.2009 19:37

I'm still working on a new Mod.

I converted it like every other i3d File from Maya.

but Ingame the Wheel shape has no real collision. The Roller has a collision and it jumps a bit. The wheel shape are big enough so the wheels has Groundcontact.

I can't find a mistake.

Here is a picture with the Physics.

I hope you can help me :D


PS: Please add a Edit function to this forum :D:D

Stefan Geiger - GIANTS Software 02.07.2009 10:03
The problem is the direction of the local y axis of your object.

Wheels are implemented using a single ray to check for a collision, its not a true wheel shaped collision test. This ray is pointing down the y axis, which is represented by the white arrow in your picture. This is pointing almost parallel to the ground, towards the tractor.

You should check the rotation of your object in maya, and freeze the rotation
(Modify->Freeze Transformation)

Tobias Fricke (Unknown) 02.07.2009 14:45
Jeha :D

what a simple mistake :D

Thank you very much :D

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