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vehicle xml parameters list

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Created10.03.2020 18:02

Andrey Andrey (Unknown) 10.03.2020 18:12
Ok guys, I've been looking tghrow the Google a few weeks, but I cant find any parameters list with even short decription.
At least I need to understand which else parameters could be implemented in <inputAttacherJoint node="attacherJointFront" jointType="trailer" upperRotationOffset="45" lowerRotLimit="10 50 50" attacherHeight="0.45"/> like limitation of rotation on Y axis etc.
Is there any place to look?

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 10.03.2020 19:49
Yes, the LUADOCs (here on GDN in -> Documentation).
You'll need basic knowledge in LUA and XML.

Mantrid  (mantrid) 27.10.2020 12:14
The LUA docs will at least tell you what's possible, but they mostly lack descriptions (sometimes it's obvious, but often it's try and see). Perhaps more commenting in the LUA, in lieu of proper XML documentation? :)

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