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A new Simulator diffent type of farming

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Created29.07.2014 17:17

Shon Robinson (Unknown) 29.07.2014 17:20
I know there are people who live in California and now here in Missouri that would probably like the idea of having a simulator for wine farming. Growing differnt types of grapes having the grape picker and also having the winery to sell everything at, This is just an idea but I believe it would go ver pretty well in all countries besides the USA.

Keary Smith (Unknown) 04.08.2014 08:10
In the US sure, but let's remember: GIANTS is based in Europe. It'll probably take a MAJOR mod for that :(

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 05.08.2014 08:43

in Europe we also know how to grow grapes ;)

The idea is nice but not new and currently we don't have any plans for that type of fruit.


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