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Created03.11.2015 01:14

Franck Cousin (franckcousy) 03.11.2015 01:21
hello, I wonder if we will have the opportunity to use the terrain sculpt mode in farming simulator 2015 for example digging with an excavator, a bul, or niveuleuse

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 05.11.2015 18:00

this feature is not available in the game itself.
You can only use it in the editor


Franck Cousin (franckcousy) 28.11.2015 22:12

it may consider a mod that would have the functions of the editing tab field with giant brush editor for farming simulator 2015 has adappter

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 30.11.2015 08:20

sorry, but I'm not sure what you mean ...

If you are looking for a mod that can edit the terrain in the game, you won't have any luck - it's impossible.


Franck Cousin (franckcousy) 04.02.2016 15:42
voila, I ask myself is it possible to adapt the editor mode sculpt giant ground unit into a mod

thank you for your answers

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 05.02.2016 08:47

the situation has not changed.


Franck Cousin (franckcousy) 06.08.2017 01:32
Hello, I'm asking you my question again.
There would be a solution to incorporate the mode scult edintor ingame to use it with grader or excavator or buldozer as it does in the game construction simulator.
Just create separate areas to be able to dig or level with a quest.
Style instalation of a pipeline or the creation of a bridge ect.

And why not make an extention tp for fs 18 for the interested player this will allow to have a length ahead on your concuranrt which points its nose.
Is in view of the videos of the game it promises very hard for farming to resist
Not having the dynamic terrain on the map as appearing on the games cattle and crops. A big handicap is announced for fs18. I know that a certain team has to create a script to be able to model the ground, it would be very interesting.

In advance, thank you for your answer

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