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Ponsse Scopion arm axis inverted

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Created29.10.2016 12:13

William Burns (51stHD) 29.10.2016 12:22
The Ponsse Scorpion - Lift crane arm 2 - axis is inverted

So that after mapping that axis on my joystick it functions correctly on all cranes, like the Ponsse forwarder, but when i change into the Scorpion the arm operates in the opposite direction

This happens in a fresh install inc Patch 1.2.0 and after the most recent Patch1.2.1.1

Chris Janssen (FSaddict) 29.10.2016 17:26
Yes i noticed it to.With the 1.2.0 patch i was able to fix it by changing it in the vehicle xml.With i tried it again but i could not buy the vehicle.We cannot save in data anymore that's a big problem for me i'm very disappointed right now.

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