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Created29.10.2016 15:12

Tykonket (IlMat) 29.10.2016 15:31
Hi, I think that this serie of mods is very great, but i want suggest something for improve them even more.
In my opinion you should add 4 functionality, at 4Real Module 02 - Tire Dirt:

1) When you drive with an high speed, the dirt will take off from the wheels, and the dirt level should go back to about 50%.
2) When you go into the water the wheels, should go back almost clean.
3) When you drive over the grass the dirt sshould go back to about 75%.
4) When you drive over the grass and it's raining, the dirt should go back to about 25%.

Summing up in a few words:
1) Driving over grass, maximum dirt 75-85%.
2) Driving at an high speed, maximum dirt 50-60%.
3) Driving over wet grass, maximum dirt 25-30%.
4) Driving in the water, maximum dirt 5-15%.

Rick Rossman (limoman39) 07.11.2016 19:35
Sounds pretty cool.

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