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Created26.03.2018 00:14

Meyou Also (Unknown) 26.03.2018 00:14
why are there no older versions of your editor for download.some people have first or second generation i processors and microsoft doesn't support the latest opengl for those.
I'd rather not have to install linux or the mac operating systems just to be able to run 1 program..please please put the older editors up for download
I'm pretty sure an extra bit space on your server could be found

Tyson Heddings (Unknown) 28.09.2018 03:14
i keep getting cant load config file when trying to launch the editor. i am running on a i7 processor so that isn't the issue. the older version worked like a charm.

Blobbyfarmer (blobbyfarmer) 06.10.2018 13:37
Uninstall version you have then delete the editor.xml in C:\users\yourname\AppData\Local\\GIANTS Editor .. then re-install as admin... if you cant see AppData folder you will need to show hidden files

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