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Created22.11.2018 15:55

Thibault Quentin (Unknown) 22.11.2018 15:55
Hi everybody !
I'm a new fs gamer since fs19 is available. I like farming and agricultural machine mecanism.

I have a probably not common question about mods : I realise a MF 8700 tractor miniature, so 3d model of this tractor you can get back from giant editor will help me to create some complicate part.
when we create new mod, we often tend to decrease the number of triangles to lighten the game.
I would like to do the opposite. Next, the model will be export into another CAD software. It won't be used for farming simulator.
I tried to get back the mesh from Giant editor but it doesn't look very accurate. It has more than 65000 triangles but if you zoom in, it lacks precision. In the game, It's better, maybe because of software visual effects.

Does anyone ever tried to create more accurate mesh ?
If not, does anyone know how or have an idea ?

I have ever get the tractor mesh from fs 17. The model don't change with fs 19, only graphics processing

Thank you a lot for your responces

Jos Kuijpers (Unknown) 02.01.2019 16:24
The meshes for the ingame vehicles are 'low poly' by turning the high poly into lowpoly+normal maps.

For super accurate meshes you would need to go elsewhere than a game :)

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