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Created08.01.2019 22:16

James Biddulph (Unknown) 08.01.2019 22:16
The helper mode in FS19 is dire, you cannot play this game in single mode because of the UNHELPFUL helper mode, if you put a helper to sow a field for instance it will miss great wads of crop for no apparent reason, the latest fault found was jockying on a field I put a helper to harvest a wheat crop for chaff and was going to jocky beside it to gather the chaff as it is harvested BUT it keeps stopping at the end of each pass with a message that says "helper stopped working, reason unknown", there was nothing in its way certainly not me so what is stopping it, come on Giants I paid good money for this game the least I can expect is that the helper mode operates correcty, I can expect some teething problems but this is dire, sort it out please, the helper mode needs a complete overwrite. Or am I doing something wrong, I have been a FS fan since FS09 and have never come across such a troublesome game yet, as it is the game is unplayeable for me (I like playing in single mode so need the helper mode desperately), if it is not sorted I will definately NOT be buying FS21 if and when it comes out!!

James Biddulph (Unknown) 09.01.2019 20:30
On further investigation it is NOT down to the helper mode but more down to the header, the problem is that because there is no internal storage on the foragers, when you are harvesting chaff and it get to the end of the pass it turns and lowers the header it then cuts grass so WILL NOT continue to harvest the chaff because it has grass in the header, we found this out because the corn forage header works perfectly, the only workaround I have found so far is to paint in the landscaping mode right around the field getting rid of the grass. Maybe Giants could take out grass as a filltype for the forage headers as we have mowers for that anyway, just a thought!

The above method works as a workaround but we really need this sorted as it is impossible to create chaff from a field of grain as it picks up grass on each pass. Destroying needed grass is not the perfect solution to this, we need a permanent solution.

One thing I have found with the helper mode is, when fields are close together and you set a helper to do a task like cultivating or plowing (well anything really) it can and usually does carry on to the next field after completing the field you tasked it with, destroying any crop that could be planted on there, you need to watch the helper VERY closely to ensure that it does not do this.

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