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Working the neighbors land

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Created11.11.2019 14:53

Kim Brandwijk (kimbr) 11.11.2019 14:53
I've noticed (since the last patch?) that it is possible to work (mow, harvest) on a field you don't own, that's adjacent to one you own, as long as, let's say, 50 cm of the mower of harvest header stays on your own land.

The 'you don't have access to this land' message only appears when that last little part of your machinery 'crosses the line'.

Now on the one hand, it's totally realistic that my machinery doesn't magically stop working as soon as I get outside the boundaries of my field. It's also reasonable that you can't just harvest someone else's land because of the economics of the game. But there's room for improvement in the way these two things come together at the edge of a field.

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