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[BUG] FS19 Storage System

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Created29.12.2020 17:06

Mike R*** (Vanguard) 29.12.2020 17:06
I'm not sure where bug reports go, so I'll just leave this here.

I was experimenting with the StorageSystem and came across what I believe is a bug.

Specifically, the silo extension placeable uses the fill type category of "farmsilo".

<storage node="3" fillTypeCategories="farmsilo" capacityPerFillType="100000" />

As a result, if you place one down near your farm silo, your farm silo will now except sugarcane, potatoes and sugarbeets. While that may be welcomed by many, I'm certain it's a bug and breaks game balance. There's a reason the farm silo doesn't accept sugarcane, potatoes, etc.

Farm silo large:
<storage node="0|2" fillTypes="wheat barley canola maize oat sunflower soybean" capacityPerFillType="200000" />

It's quite handy because it allows you to extend a Railroad Silo for example where these things are accepted, but realistically, and for game balance, it should be the loading/unloading station (based on it's equipment and capability) to determine what fill types are allowed, and not the storage system IMHO, or a logical AND of the two systems capabilities (storage and station).

Anyway, the easy fix I suppose would be to adjust farmsilo category not to include root crops, or use the "combine" category for the extension.


Mike R*** (Vanguard) 02.01.2021 16:49
One more issue with the current storage system.

The SiloExtension placeable properly adds itself to loading/unloading stations within range, however, the regular SiloPlaceable does not. It only adds storages within range to itself, but it doesn't add its storage to other unloading/loading locations within range.

SiloPlaceable:finalizePlacement() should do what SiloExtension does, and also add it's storage to other Loading/Unloading Stations.

The issue: If I place two silos near each other, one has access to both storges, while the other only has access to its own. So I get different amounts of fill type available at the two different silos even though they are placed next to each other, and one of them is sharing the storage between the two, the other is not.

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