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[BUG] Phoenix 6x6

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Created09.01.2021 04:53

Mike R*** (Vanguard) 09.01.2021 04:53
The ackermannSteering node in the Tatra Phoenix is incorrect. Some mods such as courseplay use this node to determine the center position/steering point for the vehicles, causing havok:

<ackermannSteering rotSpeed="40" rotMax="30" rotCenterWheel1="3" rotCenterWheel2="3" />

Wheel 1 and 2 are both set to "3", should be "3" and "4" respectively.
<ackermannSteering rotSpeed="40" rotMax="30" rotCenterWheel1="3" rotCenterWheel2="4"/>

Ɓukasz Dziurla (Majster509) 06.02.2021 20:37

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