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Created23.11.2021 09:45

Hj Van Gijssel (dehjvg) 23.11.2021 09:45

on the server sttings page there is a link to this site that i should be able to download

Plugins and Templates
» Download Web Stats SDK for WordPress, WoltLab Burning Board®, HTML5 and PHP

i am looking wrong or i can not find it.

but i still had the old one for fs19 and got iit to work but it does not show witch machinary you are using and on witch location you are ingame

are there new templates files for fs22 and if yes where can i find them?

Steve H. (TrollDIVA) 24.11.2021 09:59
I am also waiting for the new SDK... The old one from 19 works kind of, but the map is way off, the logged in users are not shown and some variables are missing (the vehicle lisenceplates for example.

Andrey V. (koljisto) 07.01.2022 22:34
Greetings, any active SDK?

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