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Created29.11.2021 11:14

Juho Vatanen (SolidJuho) 29.11.2021 11:14
It would be pretty great to be able to set shortcut to ANY button in editor. Similar to Blender.
Especially ones about paint/sculpt modes. Since lot of times I want to paint few things, move around to check, paint bit more.
So it would be great to have example Tab for switching between these modes to speed up process.

I work in phases, so it would greatly improve workflow over clicking small UI buttons.
Phase 1. general shapes. I would set tab to switch between Sculpt and regular modes.
Phase 2. Painting. I would set Tab to swtich between paint and regular modes.
Phase 3. More detailed shapes, Tab back to sculpt.
Phase 4. Foliage stff, Tab to foliage mode.
Phase 5. Detailed painting, Tab back to paint mode.

Theo Van Schaik (teesee64) 08.06.2022 12:18
they removed shortcuts from the latest edito version, why? SHIFT-CTRL-C for instance....

M_k Mcd4 (MKMcD) 13.06.2022 19:57
>>they removed shortcuts from the latest edito version, why? SHIFT-CTRL-C for instance....

They don't show in the menus, but they still seem to work.

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