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Created21.12.2021 15:31

Julian J. (Umek85) 21.12.2021 15:31
Why is there still no subforum for FS22 modding on this board?
Why is there no documentation for FS22 lua scripting on the documentation page?
Why do I, as a Steam user, need to download the lua game sources from some third party whereas people who bought from your store get these files included in their main install?

From a communication standpoint, it just looks like you don't care. Even if parts, like the debugger, are not yet ready to be released to the public, there is no apparent reason to not have a separate subforum or provide the current gameSources as a download for all.

I don't understand this point of view of yours, please explain.

Charles Leon Gillum (grampa) 01.01.2022 18:13
why cant they make fs22 as easy to get mods as fs19 and why did they do what they did to fs22 to make so user unfreindly

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