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Created25.07.2016 11:11

Bengt Sæther (Nordvarg) 25.07.2016 11:11
Dear people of Giants

Congratulations on what seems like a really successful Farmcon 16. It’s great to read all the very positive comments. It seems that you’ve managed to impress even hardcore FS players with all the new and exciting features :)

When will you publish modding documentation for FS17 here on GDN, preferably in English?

All the best!

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 26.07.2016 07:05

thank you!

The documentation will be released as close as possible to the launch of the game.
But, I Ican't make any promises.
Maybe we have/want to wait until we have done the first patch, I guess you know why.


Bengt Sæther (Nordvarg) 26.07.2016 08:45
Thanks Emil :)

Benjamin B (Unknown) 13.11.2016 10:39

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