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3ds max, how giant do building textures

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Created06.12.2018 21:00

Joseph E Williams (Josephwilliams1990) 06.12.2018 21:00
I have been modeling a building in 3ds max, I have done several in the past for fs 17.
I was looking at a diffuse texture on one of giants houses and noticed somthing perculiar.
I normal would til the image in photoshop for example a roof but have noticed giants does not do this. they til it on the object in max and have the smaller more detailed section of the roof in the diffuse map making for a more detailed model.

The question i have is how do you do this in max, i have looked a composite maps, breaking the model and texture in pieces but they don't work.
How do you til just one part of a uvw unwraped map without effecting the rest. i have apply textures to faces and then tiling them but once exproted they loose the til.

i'm using 3ds 2015

This is driving me crazy, i noticed vertex design do the same a giants but how?


Anthony Queen (tqueen113) 07.12.2018 00:03
good luck getting an answer, I have tried several times to no avail. :-(

Joseph E Williams (Josephwilliams1990) 07.12.2018 17:55
thanks, i am thinking they use map channels but i am going to have to test it to find out.

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