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Giants Editor doesn't work anymore

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Created28.02.2021 18:59

Benjamin Lambert (BenLambert) 28.02.2021 18:59

When I open Giants Editor, its showing me the first window that directs you to the tutorial and whatnot as usual, but now the second window that opens by default (blank untitled i3d file) doesn't work anymore. I've tried this in order; uninstalled, deleted files from C:/, ran CCleaner, restarted computer, installed newest version of Giants Editor from giants website, restarted computer, ran again and it didn't solve the issue.

What should i do?

Thank you

Fraser Thompson (Fraser) 10.03.2021 13:26
When i load up giants editor it loads up the help screen and the editor in the background and says starting in top left. it says this for about 40 seconds then everything disapears. If anybody knows how to fix this please message

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