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Created22.11.2021 19:21

sammiepuckie 22.11.2021 19:21

When i load up FS22 it says that I don't have shader 6.0 installed and that I need to update my drivers. But when I click on the link to update my drivers I only can update AMD and Nvidia drivers. But I have a intel driver, so how can i solve this problem?

Tac Bravo (TacBravo) 23.11.2021 06:09
Hey Sammie,

Minimal graphics requirement to run this game on PC and Mac are GeForce GTX 660 or AMD Radeon R7 265 or better (min 2GB VRAM), and recommended is GeForce GTX 1060 or Radeon RX 570 or better (min 6GB VRAM). If you have any of those requirements installed on your system, then the driver update for your card should take care of the shader issue. If you have met the requirements and still cannot update and you are on a laptop, perhaps you are pointed at the onboard Intel HD Graphics instead of the graphics card for high performance graphics processing. In that case, you might just need to switch your preferred graphics processor. You could also try running Microsoft's dxcapsviewer (assuming you are on Windows) and look in Direc3D12 branch and discover what shader level you are at. If it is less than 6, then updating the graphics driver for your card should automatically fix it. The above may not solve the issue, but hopefully it will, or point you in a direction that will.


sammiepuckie 23.11.2021 11:59
Dear Tac,

Thank you for your reply. I checked my shader model and it is 5.2, so it is too low. I can't update my Intel graphic driver anymore so I think i have to buy a new GPU. I saw an ASUS GT710 SL 2GD5 online and it has shader model 6.0. But I don't have any experience with pc building, I have an Acer Aspire XC-780 with 8gb Ram and an Intel I3 - 6100 CPU and an Intel HD 530 gpu. Is it possible that I can change this gpu with the Asus? And it says online that the Asus doesn't have a fan, do I need to buy a fan to cool the gpu or is the cooling in another way arranged?
Yours sincerely,

Grim Reaper (GrimReaperAlphaX) 25.11.2021 11:50
@sammiepuckie Your PC is OEM business line desktop from 2015,it was designed to run office programs and for browsing the internet,it's not build for gaming.
If you want to play FS 22 you need a modern gaming pc,this configuration it's not gonna cut it.
There is no space in your PC for gaming GPU,and even if you put small form factor card ventilation and PSU would be a big issue,sorry i cant give you a better news.

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