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how to add a button correctly

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Created10.08.2010 14:20

Thomas H. (Patar) 10.08.2010 14:29

I want to add a new Button for a Mod. so first i create an new section in the Moddesc.xml which looks like this:

<input name="KLAPPELOESEN" key="KEY_l" button="" />
<input name="SWITCHMODE" key="KEY_m" button="" />

then in the control options no buttons where on this two entrys. So i set a button in the options and test it, and it works, but in the options i read "missing SWITCHMODE in ...". So i make a new section in the moddesc wich looks like this:

<text name="SWITCHMODE">
<en>switch mode</en>
<de>Klappenmodus wechseln</de>
<text name="KLAPPELOESEN">

now i can read "auslösen" and "Klappenmodus wechseln" in the options, but if i want to change one of them, i can read "Drücken Sie die Taste, die sie auf Missing SWITCHMODE in..."!

now i don't know how to fix that bug.

And if i set one Button, and restart the game, the fielt for my two new buttons is empty. So it don't save my selected Buttons.

Stefan Geiger - GIANTS Software 11.08.2010 09:12
This is a bug of the game respectively a missing feature. It is not supported to change and save the input buttons of a mod.

The problem that your input buttons are not working correctly is, that you have key="KEY_l".
This needs to be key1="KEY_l".

Thomas H. (Patar) 11.08.2010 16:02
thanks for your help stegei, now it works. But i looked at geri's hitachi mod. He don't use an Moddesc entry but in the options i can set a key for his funktion "attach", and his text`s work perfectly?

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