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Created20.12.2010 22:24

Darius Bode (Unknown) 20.12.2010 22:28

do you think it is technically possible to create a working demolition claw for DC? I experienced many problems when I was trying to make one. Maybe you know the FH EX165 addon. It has the same physical problem with the collision box freaking out. And I couldn't find a way to assign working collisions to my claw which is working by itself, but without collision. Of course it would work with one collision box like a shovel, but not with two or three dynamic rigid bodies connected.
Any help is appreciated very much. Thanks.

Stefan Geiger - GIANTS Software 27.12.2010 11:20
It should work if you have multiple dynamic rigid bodies connected with joints. And then move the joints to move the collisions.

What exactly is the problem with the solution you tried? Is it rotating to fast? You should make sure that the masses are well distributed. This means, the mass should be in slightly decreasing order the further away the object is in the joint hierarchy from the main body.

E.g. the main body is 12t. The first arm that is connected directly to the main part has 8t, the second arm which is connected to the first arm is 5t and the claw parts each have 2t.

Also you should avoid overlapping collision boxes if they are not connected by a joint.

Darius Bode (Unknown) 03.01.2011 16:47
I tried many different things but it still doesn't work.
The claw should move on the hinge axis, rotate and open/close. These functions are already working but only without physics/collision.Maybe you have the time to take a quick look at these pictures:
This shows my 4 col boxes. Each box is a dynamic rigid body with low mass and contains the visible mesh of the claw as well so they can be moved together.
Here you see the joints for the 4 parts. I tried to assign them to the boxes in the root hierarchy and set these joints as moving tools. Unfortunately this doesn't give the desired result because they either don't move or doesn't connect to the other parts correctly.

Torsten Pfau (Unknown) 03.01.2011 17:24
the first file in scenegraph has to be choosen and set to dynamics collision- perhaps trigger!?

Stefan Geiger - GIANTS Software 04.01.2011 11:19
The I3D looks ok.
How does your components and componentsJoint setup in the xml look like?
Do you have the dependencies between the moving tools set, so that if you move the top joint, that other moving tools are updated as well?

Darius Bode (Unknown) 04.01.2011 18:05
I've created a screenshot from the xml where you see the tools and the components part.
I also commented the component joints so that you know which one is which.

Torsten Pfau (Unknown) 04.01.2011 19:17
Do you have </end> the components?

<components count="1">
<component1 centerOfMass="0 -0 -3" solverIterationCount="10" />

Darius Bode (Unknown) 04.01.2011 23:08
Yes, this is only missing on the picture.

Stefan Geiger - GIANTS Software 06.01.2011 17:05
Can you make sure that the front arm (auslegercol) and the shovel (schaufelcol) collisions do not overlap?

You are missing some dependent parts. E.g. from front arm to shovel. Every joint that should be moved if another moving tool moves, but is not connected directly with this component, should be a dependent part.

The joint transform groups of the joints to the grippers of the shovel have the wrong parent. The joint transform group, should always be a child of the first actor of the joint. E.g. the transform groups 1>0|6|0|1|5|0 and 1>0|6|0|1|5|1 should be moved to 5>--.

The component joint index values of the moving tools are wrong. These should correspond to the joint the are moving.
E.g. movingTool 1>0|6|0|1 should have component index 4, which corresponds to the main body -> shovel hinge joint.

Darius Bode (Unknown) 04.03.2011 11:45
Alright it's working now. Gonna be included in my Hamburg City addon.

Jonathan Farndell (Unknown) 07.06.2011 21:48
where can i get the addon from?

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