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How can I remove windshader from my map?

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Created04.03.2012 19:22

Madalin Piki (Madalinp) 04.03.2012 19:24

It's posible to remove windshader from map01? I've seen on different map that there is no shader and it's increase FPS..

It's posibile to do that??


Dirt Scratcher (Unknown) 17.03.2012 12:43
It's not in the map I am working on. I think that's because I deleted certain objects that called it, such as bushes, maple leaves....

Jan-hendrik Pfitzner (Unknown) 10.04.2012 07:09
You can remove it in the userAttrubutes of each object which uses it ;) You're done, if no "windShader.xml" loads at the start ;)

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