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LUA crashing game on exit with mods

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Created18.11.2012 10:17

Bill Thedford (Unknown) 18.11.2012 10:26
the .lua script from CaseIH_GregoireBesson_XXXL crashes game on exit when save then abort or dont save just abort. with .lua removed and references removed in .xml game saves and exits normally but animations don't work so problem is with ,lua and game exit this is for 2013 conversion

Tom Boutain (Unknown) 07.02.2013 01:05
I have this problem with this mod, and a few others as well. Would like to know what part of the .lua script causes it, as there are some cool mods that are scripted that won't work. JD Airseeder/Aircart is one as well. I'm guessing there is some reference in the script that is not compatible with 2013

Christian Ammann - GIANTS Software 07.02.2013 13:52
Hi Bill and Tom,

Did you already ask the modder of the affected mods about this? Those mods are not made by us so there is not much we can do.


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