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Which character species have the mods?

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Created07.09.2010 07:49

Torsten Pfau (Unknown) 07.09.2010 07:50
Ok, bad question.:-)
Why i cant open the new LS 2011 files with GE?
Have try to delete the Appdata- folder but it don´t work.
The deutz can be loaded but some things for example the lights can´t be loaded.
The bigX and the map results a editor error.
Thanxs for help.

Manuel Adams (Unknown) 17.10.2010 12:16
Are you using the 4.1.7 Version of the GE, which can be found in the SDK Directory placed in the Game Directory?

There also some SampleMods and a Sample Map.

Torsten Pfau (Unknown) 17.10.2010 14:49
I have a download version of GE but not the full game of LS 2011.
Ok- now i got the full game and can open all but the mp doens´t work for me- so long- not the character for multiplaying!:-)

Peter Maier (Unknown) 19.02.2011 11:05
Where can I find this Download?

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