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Created29.10.2010 09:21

T. Müller (Unknown) 29.10.2010 09:28

i have modified the original map01.i3d in LS 2011. Now i get an CRC64 error, after starting the game. Just i have found the checksum in the file "crc_files.xml".
I have tried to calculate the CRC64 checksum from the file map01.i3d with an external tool and insert the new checksum in "crc_files.xml", but it doesn't work.

Is it possible to calculate a new checksum to fix the problem?
I want use the modified map in single user mode.


Ellinor Ström (Unknown) 29.10.2010 14:04
In your game folder you have a SDK folder.. in that is a file named, that's how you make custom maps for 2011. if you change the default map or any files belonging to the original game, you break it and you will no longer be able to play multiplayer.

Reinstall your game and make your modified map with help of the then you copy it to your mods folder after your done.

Torsten Pfau (Unknown) 16.11.2010 19:35
Is the sdk folder and so the SampleModMap also be patched when i run the patch?
I don´t think because when i run my editing samplemm. i get the starnge swathes. This is very bad because one day of hard is in the ass and it could be nice when the patches do their work in sdk´s folder too.
Thank you for reading. (glenn52) 17.11.2010 09:40
If you don't want multiplayer just backup the orig map01.i3d and change the original how you wish. No harm done!
When you get the CRC error just select Continue.
The game works fine.

Restore the orig when the need arises.

M.j.a. Rotgans (Unknown) 14.05.2013 08:52
You can not change the original map when you do you get a crc64 error.
However you can switch this off by editing the crc.xml in your game folder.
just put a $ before the map name.

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