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Created03.11.2010 13:07

Sandro Costa (Unknown) 03.11.2010 13:08
I made an animation file. I3D done by 3D Studio MAX, I was wondering a scrypt order to run this animation in the game. the animation is not looping. like this ...

<AnimationSet name="Your animation set name">
<Clip name="ForkASource" duration="your time duration of animation">
<Keyframes nodeId="node id of animated part">
<Keyframe time="time 1" scale="1 1 1"/>
<Keyframe time="time 2 if needed" rotation="1 1 1"/>
<Keyframe time="final time(duration)" translation="1 1 1"/>

expect an answer. Thank you!
Sorry my English.

Thomas H. (Patar) 06.11.2010 18:42
Sorry, i dont realy understand your Question.

To play the animation in a loop you can use the following function:

function setAnimTrackLoopState(integer characterSetId, integer track, bool loopState)

Sandro Costa (Unknown) 09.11.2010 11:30
has a function that rotates within an animation. I3D, but this function is not working in 2011. who can help me? take a look at BENNE KAISER, has the function which removes his canvas. but this function is not working in ta LS 2011. thanks!

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