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Created08.11.2010 22:06

Harry Paul Jones (Unknown) 08.11.2010 22:12
Hello, Im Converting The Lexion Euro pack and have come across a problem , the script has got the crop amount (density) and there fore the mod relies on the difficulty of the game for the cutter o work, in the LUA on th line specified by the LOG its shows

-- 8000/1200 = 6.66 liter/meter
-- 8000/1200 / 6 = 1.111 liter/m^2
-- 8000/1200 / 6 / 2^2 = 0.277777 liter / density pixel (density is 4096^2, on a area of 2048m^2
local pixelToQm = 2048 / 4096 * 2048 / 4096 / g_currentMission.maxFruitValue; -- 4096px are mapped to 2048m
local literPerQm = 1;
if (fruitType ~= FruitUtil.FRUITTYPE_UNKNOWN) then
literPerQm = FruitUtil.fruitIndexToDesc[fruitType].literPerQm * (1 + 0.5 * (3 - g_currentMission.missionStats.difficulty));

im wondering on what is the new function for the mod to find the games set difficulty?

Logged Error

Lua: Error running function: update
C:/Users/Harry/Documents/My Games/FarmingSimulator2011/mods/Lexion600_Pack/specialization/Lexion600Combine2.lua(1315) : attempt to perform arithmetic on field 'literPerQm' (a nil value)
Lua: Error running function: update

thanks in advance , any help will be widely appreciated and name will be added into credits of release.


Markus Uphoff (Unknown) 08.11.2010 22:46
'literPerQm' is from ls2009

its now ´literPerSqm´

Harry Paul Jones (Unknown) 08.11.2010 23:16
Thanks you , very much , this has been bugging me for days now, you are a god , if you don't mind a minuet of you time which i hate to take away would you be able to place and answer to the mouse not appearing when the vehicle is in use (not MP) and the error of

D:/code/lsim2011_version5/build/finalbin/dataS/scripts/InputBinding.lua(138) : attempt to index local 'digitalActionData' (a nil value)
Lua: Error running function: draw

me and many of my friends have the theory of it being a input-bindings converge where some keys might match some in the game input-bindings

would be very very very very very great full for you help and your name will be added to the credits when downloadable ,

Thanks you a lot ,

Markus (Unknown) 09.11.2010 19:09
i think its a combine
in the german GIANT-forum is the same post

add this into <inputbindings> in the xml
<input name="STRAW_TOGGLE" category="VEHICLE" key1="KEY_j" key2="" button="" device="0" mouse=""/>

i hope i can help

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