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Created12.11.2010 14:33

Tobias Reichenbach (Unknown) 12.11.2010 14:37

I had modeled a "Silo" ( I dont know the word in Englisch :-)) and now i would like to take it into the game. Until now it doesnt work like in LS09 and it also doesnt work with the new trigger , because then all "planes" are moving. Is there any other oppertunitie to take the silo in the game?

(Nochmal auf Deutsch)

Also ich habe nun ein Silo gebaut welches ich nun Ingamen will da es aber nicht mit dem Trigger aus LS09 funktioniert habe ich den aus LS11 genommen nun heben sich aber alle Planen auf der Map gibt es da eine Lösung dafür? BZW. eine Möglichkeit ein 2tes sili einzufügen?

Tobias Reichenbach (Unknown) 22.11.2010 17:04
Didnt´t you know an answer? Let me know it because then i can stop working at my new silo. If there isn´t an oppertunitie i think its a big backspace!


Stefan Geiger - GIANTS Software 30.11.2010 11:10
What kind of silo are you creating? The normal grain silos do not have any moving planes.

Posting a link to the i3d of your silo might help to find the problem.

Thore Wietzke (Unknown) 30.11.2010 20:27
he means, for example the maize silo. If you insert 2 silos, both planes are moving (SiloAmountmover.onCreate) .

Tobias Reichenbach (Unknown) 30.11.2010 20:31
Yes exactly this kind of silos. I followed the description in the ls-wiki but it also wouldnt work.

Is it right that you can have just one plane (trigger) of each fruittype (especcially "chaff") ?

Stefan Geiger - GIANTS Software 01.12.2010 11:03
Yes, you only have one amount stored for each fruit type. Thus all planes moved by the amount of chaff, are moved simultaneously.

Tobias Reichenbach (Unknown) 01.12.2010 17:42
Oh ok but then i think its a big backspace in comparison to ls 08/09 or is it because of the cows ?

Stefan Geiger - GIANTS Software 01.12.2010 18:00
The difference is that the grass and chaff now actually have a silo amount stored. In LS 08/09 you directly got some money and the plane was just moved around to simulate the usage of the grass.
In LS11 the usage of the grass and chaff is now triggered by the cows, and thus we have a real silo amount stored, which slowly decreased. The problem is that this is a global value and thus is the same for all planes.

However you are free to create your own plane movement, which has some local calculations (increase the height if stuff is added, and slowly decrease the height over time).

Tobias Reichenbach (Unknown) 01.12.2010 18:19
So i can take it ingame but with an trigger to sale it immediately after filling in in the silo? Then just one plane is moving?

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