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Created04.12.2010 11:31

Harry Paul Jones (Unknown) 04.12.2010 11:34
Hello, My initial goal from this is to use giants to animate the mod and to be able to stop the animation .for instance you press and hold the key set to make the animation play then when the key is taken off the animation stops , as this is a custom mod it wont be using giants scripts and will be writing my own but i only know how to make a continuous animation not a stop start one , i do know what to do on making the i3d and the luas communicate but that is all i really would like to know , thanks in advance ,

Jonesy ;D

Stefan Geiger - GIANTS Software 06.12.2010 10:57
You are using the animation character sets provided by the GIANTS engine? (e.g. using getAnimCharacterSet)

If you do, you can use setAnimTrackSpeedScale(animSet, trackIndex, speed) to start and stop the animation by the script. Simply provide speed=0 to stop, and speed > 0 to start/continue the animation.

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