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Corn Silage plane movement

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Created11.12.2010 13:23

Mike Gregor (Unknown) 11.12.2010 13:26
I made a silage pit and want corn silage and grass to move up and down when silage is added or removed. Is there any special script to use? I know there's a way, just as in game for the corn silage and the feeding trough.

TIA :)

Thore Wietzke (Unknown) 11.12.2010 21:44
you mean, that you want to ingame an silo, in that you fill the chaff and grass for the cows?
than add these UserAttributes in the plane:
type: string name: fillType value: (grass) (chaff)
type: float name: moveMaxAmount value: v.e. 30000
type: string name: moveMaxMiny value: v.e. 1 -5
type: scriptCallback name: onCreate value: SiloAmountMover.onCreate

these you should add in an Trigger:
type: string name: fruitType value:(grass drygrass) (chaff)
type: boolean name: isFarmTrigger value: true
type: scriptCallback name: onCreate value: TipTrigger.onCeate

Mike Gregor (Unknown) 11.12.2010 22:37
Thore thanks for the reply, I will give that a shot. On moveMaxMiny shouldn't that be 5 1? since it's a max/min value?

And donner, the original don't give much info, like which plane to put it on. I want the know how. :)

Mike Gregor (Unknown) 11.12.2010 23:07
Guess you are right donner, didn't think to look at the feedingtroughplane.

Oh and no paranthesis and moveMaxMiny = moveMinMaxY

Thore Wietzke (Unknown) 12.12.2010 14:40
oh, that was an mistake by me^^. i'll correct that. I've ingame already a few silos with this functions.

Mike Gregor (Unknown) 12.12.2010 19:30
Yeah I have it working with 2 chaff planes(originals), it didn't like my grassplane I made for some reason. The moveMinMaxY made it disappear even when the numbers were positive.

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