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Created20.12.2010 16:40

Benjamin Ebrecht (Unknown) 20.12.2010 16:41
I had the idea to generate the terrain of a new map using SRTM data. I know that the terrain data is saved in the dem.png. So I'll have to program a converter, thats not the problem. For doing this, I need some more information about the data contained in the png-file.

I tried to analyze the map01_dem.png. It seems that the red channel contains the height data and the green one something like a "smoothness factor". If I delete the green channel, I get a staged terrain. So my questions:

1. How do I have to interpret the range from 0-255 in the red channel? Is it the height in metres from the ground or just steps in an interval defined in any i3d-file (I didn't find a definition like this).

2. What kind of data is contained in the green channel? Is it interpretable as a gradient - or maybe just a simple decimal place?

I would be pleased if someone could help.
Best regards.

Benjamin Ebrecht (Unknown) 22.12.2010 17:19
I've got it after some experimenting: The red channel contains the integer value and the green one contains the decimal place in steps of 1/256.


Stefan Geiger - GIANTS Software 27.12.2010 11:24
The data in the heightmap is a 16bit value, encoded in the red and green channel of the image.
This means the final value can be calculated as: (red<<8) + green.

The GIANTS Editor and the engine also support 16bit png images. For example you can create the in Photoshop by switching to grayscale and 16bits/channel. Maybe this is easier to edit.

L Zoltan. (Unknown) 06.02.2013 09:07
The geological conditions, such as hills, mountains that I know to do it so I can mapba a new plant, river bed sand edit etc? Or even mapból X Y mapba to make the surface topography? I'm sorry but I can google translator to write in English so I apologize for the weird írásért. I can unfortunately only in Hungarian. : (

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